Using the Sales Funnel: Why Does Funneling Your Marketing Make Sense?


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Making sense of how strangers turn into loyal customers is one of the most difficult parts of maintaining a business. You need to identify the key aspects that make a person shift from one stage to the next. The metaphor of a funnel is one of the better ways to describe how this process works. By demystifying the sales process, it’s possible to convert more customers while targeting the right customers.

Why Funnel Your Leads?

The sales process starts with strangers and ends with loyal customers. By understanding what you’ve done to make those customers, you can replicate your success while expanding your profits. The largest amount of individuals should be at the top of the funnel. The population of this funnel decreases slowly through the various sales processes until you are left with a customer.


Social Media Optimization: Just How Important is it for Your Business?


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Everybody knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is important for a business’s online presence. Not everyone knows or understands, however, just how important social media optimization (SMO) is though.

As 2016 rapidly approaches, the major search engines such as Google are using social media signals to boost a website’s SEO rankings. In other words, Google takes into account how visible a website is on multiple social media platforms when determining how relevant that site is.

How SEO Powers a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign in Temecula


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The top companies on the Web are the ones that are on the front pages of the Google and Bing search engine results pages (SERP). This exposure helps them generate more leads than their competitors. Sites that are well-thought out and part of a comprehensive internet marketing plan are able to dramatically boost a company’s sales.

The companies that perform well on the Web rely on search engine optimization experts who are able to create sites that are specifically designed to follow rules set forth by the search engines.

Revamp Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategies Before 2015 Ends


As 2015 comes to a close, many business owners are starting to think about how to improve their digital marketing strategies for 2016. In many cases, the corporate leader’s primary concern is figuring out how to keep the company in a state of steady growth. If this is your objective, you should know that having an expert’s insight is invaluable. There are a wide range of services that a marketing firm can offer to keep your company growing. Here are two of them:

Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most important strategies that a reputable digital marketing company can offer. As one of the primary mediums that a prospective customer will use to learn more about your brand, the content you produce needs to be both interesting and informative.

What is Marketing Funnel Automation, and How Can It Help Businesses?


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Marketing has seen drastic changes in the past couple of decades. With online advertising taking center stage as the primary way of reaching customers, our understanding of how to best leverage a marketing plan has had to rapidly evolve. The idea of the sales funnel is one of the most promising new concepts behind modern marketing.

What is Sales Funneling?

Sales funneling uses the model of a funnel to evaluate your potential customers and how much value they have to you. The process is predicated on the idea that you initially have an enormous pool of potential prospective customers, but through each step of the sales process, a portion of this group is going to sluice off.

Social Media Integration in Marketing: The Best Ways to Get It Done


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Social media is one of the most powerful mediums that almost any business can use to market its products and services. Even if you don’t want to sell goods and services directly through your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, it is still a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility as well as the visibility of your key members. How can you achieve successful social media integration with your online marketing strategy?

Put Social Media Buttons on All Content and Online Properties

With a few lines of code, you can put social media buttons on every piece of content that you create and on each web and landing page that you have. This enables anyone who sees a great article that your CEO wrote to share it with friends or tweet the landing page to a free eBook that your company is offering. As long as the content is meaningful, it should see hundreds or even thousands of shares, which means new readers without any effort on your part.

Let an SEO Agency Help You Utilize LinkedIn for Your Online Reputation


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Though there are many social media sites more popular than LinkedIn, this social hub has a completely different atmosphere about it. The site focuses more on providing businesses the opportunity of creating professional connections with other businesses. Depending on the kind of business you operate, LinkedIn is among the most valuable social media channel to consider. With the help of an SEO agency, you can further extend your reach and create more connections with other businesses.


Not all businesses focus sales to other businesses, yet it could vastly increase your revenues if you diversified in such a manner. Large businesses tend to spend a great deal of money for various products or services compared to individual consumers. For example, a small computer repair shop could be contracted by a larger corporation to supply a lot of computers and networking equipment.

Why Local Buzz is Vital for Your Business’ Digital Marketing Efforts


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Due to the advancements in technology, more people are taking to the Internet to find businesses in their area. Instead of opening the traditional phone book, many people with smartphones are simply accessing search engines such as Google.

For businesses, this is an opportunity for them to reach out to prospective customers near their service area through generating local buzz. Local buzz refers to your online presence for those in your immediate area, and should be considered an indispensable element of your digital marketing efforts. If you want to keep your business relevant in the digital age, you need to utilize an online marketing consultant for enhancing your local online reputation.

Marketing Sales Funnel: Creating Brand Advocates Out of Customers


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As businesses everywhere know, a marketing sales funnel starts with enticing prospective customers and transforming them into satisfied customers. The funnel, however, doesn’t end there, for you should also encourage your customers into inviting other people into entering the marketing sales funnel. This is possible when you’re able to turn your satisfied customers into brand advocates.

Why Advocates?

It’s not enough that you acquire new customers into your sales funnel if you’re unable to keep them—or worse, fail to make them encourage newer people to try transacting with your business. What ventures like yours need to do is to create a customer base that encourages the creation of new customers.

Turn Satisfied Customers into Advocates with Social Media Optimization


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Humans, by nature, are social creatures, and are far more likely to visit restaurants recommended by friends or relatives than to stumble across these establishments on their own. Some people even go further by asking opinions of others closest to them before making a simple purchasing decision. This is why fostering glowing reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers should be considered an important element for your marketing strategy.

Aside from creating content, highly-satisfied customers can be used as a secret marketing weapon for businesses, whatever industry they may be in. Integrated with social media optimization, and done the right way, customers could become brand advocates that can create high-quality content for your business.